Lars Mohagen

Lars Mohagen

Lars Mohagen, Natural resources equity manager, works for the Oslo-based boutique Odin Forvaltning. He has been running the Odin Offshore fund since 2002. The fund invests in companies involved in the recovery, processing, transport, distribution and production of oil and gas. Mohagen is a value investor with his eye on the long term. A man of conviction, he sticks to his investment convictions regardless of the situation. He bears in mind political risk as much as ethical matters and often includes non listed or newly listed companies in his portfolios.

Lars Mohagen

Odin Offshore

ODIN Offshore, managed by Lars Mohagen is an unique sector fund investing in listed oil service companies all over the world. This is a large market, which is still dynamic, and ODIN’s offshore team has considerable experience and a good understanding of the industry. The fund invests in companies principally engaged in energy, oil and gas. It includes companies within extraction, production, processing, transport / distribution and service companies that are listed on stock exchanges globally. Fund’s long-term goal is to provide higher returns than global equities within oil sector in general.


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