Auf kurze Sicht sagt Hambro, dass die Goldproduzenten sich momentan auf die Förderung hochwertigerer Vorkommen konzentrieren könnten, um Kosten ein zu sparen. So könne im Moment die Menge der Produktion bei derzeitigem Goldpreis zwar erhalten werden, führe jedoch in den nächsten Monaten zu starkem Rückgang der Goldproduktion. Lesen Sie den Originalartikel bei Citywire.Commodities veteran Evy Hambro expects gold production to fall significantly over the next couple of years as companies continue to reduce operational costs in the sluggish gold price environment. Hambro, who manages the £1.5 billion Blackrock Gold & General fund alongside Catherine Raw, said he expected to see production move lower next year or in 2015. In the short term Hambro predicts production might actually tick up as gold companies seek to reduce costs by mining higher grade gold where they have the flexibility to do so. He believes that while that scenario might preserve the production level for now, if the current gold price remained subdued, production could start to fall quite aggressively within the next few months. Read the original article at Citywire.